In times of financial crisis, we are forced to think of the possible ways to get ahold of some easy cash. Selling off properties and jewelry is not uncommon. However, we, at Lawndale Jewelry & Loan, do not believe that you have to part ways with your valuable gold jewelry to get money. You can choose to pawn it as well.
Our cash-for-gold service is very simple. You can get a cash loan by submitting your gold or platinum jewelry with us. We take absolute pride in offering a safe and private way for our clients to make it through a tight cash crunch without having to sell their precious items.

What to expect?

Once you enter our store with your gold and a state issued picture id, our friendly consultants will greet you and provide you with all the necessary information you will need to make a responsible decision. You will be guided throughout the entire process. Our stores are highly secure and safe places for bringing in gold for loan. Our professional staff will try their very  best to deliver quality services to you.
Our highly qualified professionals appraise your gold items to assess their value. After a meticulous assessment, you would be offered a price, and be informed of the terms of the loan.
We base our rates on benchmark industry aspects like rarity, purity, condition and others. Our offers are affordable and the best in the industry. Once you approve the amount we offer you we will process your loan in a quick and professional manner in which any question you may have will be answered.

Why choose us?

 Lawndale Jewelry & Loan is a leading member of the California Pawnbrokers Association as well as the National Pawnbrokers Association, along with the Better Business Bureau . While we suggest all our customers be careful when choosing the right pawnbroker for their needs, our associations with all the leading pawnbroker organizations make us a reliable and trustworthy option. Our appraisers are highly qualified in their field and you can be assured that our appraisal estimates, terms and conditions and loan rate are the best in the industry.
We are aware how difficult it can be to find an honest and reliable pawn shop in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore since we are at your service. You will find our services flexible and convenient.